Life Experience

I wish someone told me, when I was a kid, that life was going to be this hard.

I wish someone told me, that I was going to get my heartbroken.

I wish someone told me, that I was going to lose, the one that I love “My Dad”


Friendship Breakup

My Name is Nena, am 25 years old. Here is my Friendship Breakup story :

Navi was my childhood best friend we grew up together; we finished High School Together. She knew my secrets, she was my other half. We laughed and cried together. …

You Are The Winner

I don’t know, who need to see this, But wherever you are, Get up, get ready, and be the best version of you.

I don’t know ; What is in your mind, what you are going through, what you are sad about, I don’t know, what you are depressed about.

How to deal with the Pain of a Heartbreak

Broken heart is one of the most difficult things that one can suffer , whether is from family member, or from partner. But with this post we are focusing on partner break up.

When ever, we are going to heartbreak, we done toxic things to ourselves.

What I mean is…

Your mom, your wife, your sister, your daughter. are the background of your life, which we don’t notice.

When was the last time you call your mom, and expressed your love? was she was happy? have you asked her if she needed anything ?

There is a mother’s day, …

Don’t be always the Good Person

Have you ever asked yourself, why people always take advantage of a good person, whether it’s a family member, partner, or friend?
Does to be a good person means weakness or someone who scarifies himself for a beloved?

You know what’s best for you. …

Can’ trust again

Maria is 30 years old, she says am single and I am proud. This girl dated a lot of guys but she never had a serious relationship after her first-ever boyfriend (Max). …

I and My Husband have tried 24 hours no Phone Challenge. last two years My husband was suffering headaches (migraine). And he was addicted to his phone, that is why I came with this Idea.
For me a day without a phone is easy but for him, it was very difficult…

Making Money $$ On a YouTube

Today I’m giving you guys Tips for starting a YouTube Channel and Pop of in 2021 and beat the Algorithm.

As George Burns Said “ Don’t stay in Bed Unless you can make money in Bed

But first, you have to know, It’s not easy to grow immediately. you have…

Naima Neon

beauty and Tipps, Stories, making money online

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